Business Alliance

Imagine an employment matrix designed to get an ambitious person into the career of his dreams and designed to get a business its model employee. Moreover, imagine increasingly doing business with Neothink members and their businesses instead of random businesses.

Here we have a powerful sorting mechanism. We have the type of worker who accepts and absorbs details, yet wants to and is indeed driven to exert his or her mind. If you run a business, you know such a combination is rare today: a person focussed on the small details, yet thinking forward and forming a big picture. Sort of sounds like an entrepreneur, right? That’s right: one who cares that the small stuff is done right and one who looks for ways to grow.

Now, if you are searching for a job, desiring to leave behind your dead-end job of labor for that open-ended job of the mind, read on. Your journey will be one of mastering and absorbing details, which every market businessman and market entrepreneur will appreciate and desire.

When you understand what is going on and enthusiastically desire to devote yourself to your job at that level, to the point you will become so integrated with the business you will transform a job of labor into a job of the mind, then let your ambition be known in your Neothink Clubhouse along with details about yourself. You are stating that you are willing to devote yourself to your work to grow your job into a job where you master the details and run it through integrated thinking (like an entrepreneur). The Neothink Clubhouses are the place for you to be!